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Administrative units

The day-to-day running of the hospital is supported by a number of administrative units.

The Unit for Medical and Business Informatics takes care of computer-based activities; this accelerates the entire treatment process, ensures accuracy and helps to eliminate errors. The knowledge and experience of IT experts places the University Clinic Golnik among hospitals that keep pace with IT of the most developed hospitals in the world.

The Human Resources Unit is in charge of recruitment and staffing. It also offers advisory services, supports development in all areas and promotes positive relationships among the staff. It organises different trainings, seminars and quality circles, and is very active in acquiring international standards in human resources.

The Financial Accounting Unit is responsible for finance with hospital partners, individual hospital units and hospital employees, and performs internal control. The employees of this unit regularly attend various seminars and courses and work in accordance with current tax and accounting legislation.

Ever since the enforcement of the Public Procurement Act in 1997, there is also a Purchasing and Public Procurement Unit which prepares all documents for public procurements and chooses the most favourable bidders. Most of its work is internet-based which enables a fast realisation of orders and at the same time complies with statutory requirements.

Maintenance provides the hospital with technical and construction services. Its employees maintain all equipment, heating and electrical appliances and buildings. They also prepare and execute investment activities, maintain and service medical equipment, conserve the exterior of the hospital, provide courier and reception services and are in charge of occupational safety and fire protection.

The Administrative secretaries of the Director, Director’s Business Affairs Assistant, and of the Research and Development Unit support administrative work.