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Outpatient clinics

Outpatient clinics are an important part of every hospital because following a check-up this is where the decision to admit a patient is taken. Reduction of inpatient length of stay creates more work for outpatient clinics. The work of 16 employees, including a registered nurse, 11 medical technicians and 4 administrators, is well organised, efficient and economical. There are 8 outpatient clinics: an emergency unit, three pneumology and allergy outpatient clinics in Golnik, Jesenice and Ljubljana, two internal medicine outpatient clinics and a diabetes outpatient clinic in Kranj. Through frequent visits, the work in these units is well-organised and coordinated with the work of doctors in the hospital.

Petra Svetina Šorli, MD, manages the Pneumology and Allergy Outpatient Clinics; Franc Šifrer, MD, BSc, runs the Emergency Unit; Robert Marčun, MD, internal medicine specialist, runs two internal medicine outpatient clinics; and Marjan Kristanc, MD, internal medicine specialist, is the Head of the Diabetes Outpatient Clinic.