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University Clinic Golnik Today

Today the University Clinic Golnik is a clinical, pedagogic and research institution where patients with pulmonary, allergic and other internal diseases from around Slovenia are treated.

It is a fully equipped clinic providing tertiary health care for pulmonary and allergic diseases for Slovenia. It introduces new fundamental and clinical developments and is a teaching place for under- and postgraduate medical students of The Faculty of Medicine of the Ljubljana University. We support research work in the fields that are of importance to the clinic and constantly invest in technical development. Our employees work in an environment which encourages professional growth and values career satisfaction.

The clinic has more than 200 beds which are on seven different clinical wards; it also includes three pulmonary and allergy out-patient clinics (in Golnik, Jesenice and in Ljubljana), an internal medicine out-patient unit and a diabetes out-patient unit in Kranj. Each year between 7000 and 8000 inpatients and 50,000 out-patients are treated at the clinic. The average duration of the treatment stands at 7 days per admission. Most patients are treated for asthma, COPD, lung cancer, tuberculosis, interstitial lung diseases, asbestosis and other rare pulmonary diseases.

The clinic employs 45 doctors and 14 other health care professionals with higher education. Specialists publish their studies and research contributions in periodicals at home and abroad. Great emphasis is also given to raising public medical awareness by giving lectures and publishing popular articles in newspapers and magazines. The number of all published articles during the last five years goes well beyond 900 and includes all categories of articles.

The University Clinic Golnik is also renowned for providing modern and excellent health care and education. We educate patients by organising different workshops, publishing booklets and internet articles and by giving them an opportunity to have individual consultations with doctors. We teach them how to use oxygen equipment at home, how to live with asthma, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, allergies and diabetes. It is easier to come to terms with a chronic illness if a patient understands it. They can therefore obtain booklets that our specialists prepare in cooperation with the Slovene Association of Pulmonary Patients. We also publish popular science articles in newspapers and health magazines.

However, we are not only involved in diagnostics and treatment, but also in caring, teaching, encouraging, comforting and soothing patients.

Each of our employees has some knowledge of psychology, but there are also a professional psychologist, a social worker and many volunteers who are always around and available to talk to patients. Unlike the staff, patients often find hospital stays boring. We try to assure that their time passes quicker by providing numerous books (available on each ward and in our well-stocked library) and hosting different exhibitions. Patients can also relax their minds and bodies in the park outside and learn a great deal about botany and gardening.

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