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Job Opportunities

We are headed toward the future and invite you to join us!

At the University Clinic Golnik we believe it is only possible to achieve success if dedicated and innovative employees constantly deepen their knowledge and contribute to developments in the medical sector. We believe that “intangible assets” are our comparative advantage and so we decided to invest in people - we have been recognized as an Investor in People since 2005. This means that we meet the demands of the only international quality standard that focuses on people.
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Hospital Golnik - KOPA, family friendly company

Investor in people

Professional expertise is the basis of our work with patients, so we systematically invest in knowledge and further education of employees. In 2005, we were among the top 10 Slovene organizations (together with highly acclaimed companies such as Lek, Gorenje, PS Sava, NLB, Merkur etc) in the field of management education and training. These certificates are awarded annually by the SOFOS Institute in cooperation with the GV Training Centre.

We support eagerness to learn. In 2006, our employees will obtain nine Bachelor’s degrees (four MDs), one is going to finish a specialized course at the Faculty of Organisation Studies, eight of them will obtain Master’s degrees and one employee is going to conclude studies at PhD level. Apart from promoting under- and postgraduate studies, we also encourage our employees to take part in different training courses and workshops organised by the Clinic. In 2003, we received an award for “Best HRM Project”. It is very important to us that such workshops yield positive results. At present, the following courses dealing with health care issues are taking place: prevention of bedsores, prevention of falls, protecting the privacy of patients and a course on informing patients.

We believe that employees can make the most suitable suggestions about work improvements. Each year, we gather ideas from employees on how to improve work efficiency (we have named this project “My idea”). If an employee decides to take up a new professional challenge outside our institution we talk to her/him about ways to improve our services before s/he leaves the Clinic.

You are invited to join us:

  • if you are looking for a new professional challenge,
  • if you are ready to take full responsibility for your professional decisions,
  • if you are ready to constantly learn and improve,
  • if patients and their needs are a priority to you.
All new employees are invited to take part in an introduction seminar “KOPAcademy” which we organize in order to help newcomers adjust to a new work environment.

We look forward to meeting you!