Dear Industry Partner,

We are excited to announce the ADRIATIC PULMONARY FORUM in Nova Gorica, Slovenia June 3-4, 2011. We would like to invite you to participate as a valued industry partner of this important educational program.

As a provider of products and services tailored to physicians and in the management and treatment of pulmonary and alergic disease, this is an important opportunity to meet professionals interested in learning about your organization.

We are proud to present a format for the Adriatic Pulmonary Forum 2011 which will include discussion on pulmonary disease epidemiology, treatment the wide variety of diagnostic procedures, various surgical techniques, and endobronchial intervention. During interactive case presentations, the faculty will discuss the standard of care and alternative options in specific patient cases with special emphasis on how to perform complex interventional procedures and how to manage or avoid major complications.

The faculty for the ADRIATIC PULMONARY FORUM 2011 has established international reputations as both clinicians and leaders in their fields. We are anticipating an audience of clinicians treating the basic pulmonary issues, interventional bronchiologists, thoracic surgeons, general practitioners, pediatricians and interventional radiologists.

Features of the Adriatic Vascular Summit program includes:

  • The Latest Advances in Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Alergic Disease
  • Allergic Rinitis
  • Imunotherapy
  • The Latest Advances in Evaluation and Medical Treatment of Patients with Pulmonary Disease
  • Contemporary Management of obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD, Astma)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hipertension
  • New Developments in Treatment of Lung cancer (Results of Latest Clinical Trials)
  • The latest invasive diagnostic Pulmonary procedures
  • Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • New Developments in Treatment of Pulmonary emfizema
  • The criticaly ill patient (menagement of acute respiratory failure)
  • Challenging Case Presentations

Informative and interesting patient cases will be presented and reviewed with a special emphasis given to performing complex interventional procedures and interventional procedures and how to manage or avoid major complications.

Please visit the About APF page on this web site over the coming weeks to view the Preliminary Program. Watch this site and your mail for further updates on our exciting program.

We are pleased to announce that there are a number of educational grants, sponsorship and marketing opportunities available for the ADRIATIC PULMONARY FORUM 2011 for our industry partners that will increase educational knowledge, visibility, and interaction with faculty and attendees. We welcome your company’s ideas about any additional innovative opportunities so we help best meet your objectives.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become part of this growing program. As partners in the industry, your presence and commitment has always been an integral part of our meeting and organization. With your participation as an exhibitor, we will be able to make an even larger contribution to the expanding field of pulmonary medicine. You will have numerous opportunities to showcase your products and services to a captive audience.

To learn more about exhibiting at the ADRIATIC PULMONARY FORUM, please contact damjanbirtic@gmail.com. Additional information about educational grants, marketing and sponsorship opportunities are also available. We are eager to hear from you and look forward to your company’s participation.

See you in Nova Gorica!

Program Directors