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Advisory services

Experts who work in advisory services, most of which have been set up in recent years, support the work of administration and management.

The Quality Management Coordinator is in charge of different improvements and promotes good relations among the staff and patients. Her job is to solve minor problems at different levels and to train employees how to handle them through organising different workshops. The work of the Quality Management Coordinator is reflected in the national and international quality certificates that the hospital has been awarded.

The Communications and Public Relations Office is in charge of internal communication, communication with patients and their families and communication with the media. It ensures that employees are properly informed, also by issuing an internal bulletin "Pljučnik" published four times a year. Communication with patients is stimulated by information booklets about various diseases and through the hospital web pages. The Office introduced web-based consultations with hospital doctors and a web-based appointment form for a specialist examination. It also organises introductory courses for new employees.

The Legal Office provides optimal legal solutions and expert advice on issues relating to civil law, labour law and internal management.

The Nursing Care Consultant implements experience from abroad on integrated, interdisciplinary and individual treatments of patients who are actively involved in the process of treatment. Her work is closely connected with Nursing and Patient Care Services. She maintains contacts with similar institutions in Slovenia and abroad. She also monitors and is actively involved in various different areas closely connected with nursing care.

The Head of Internal Control is in charge of the expert judgement on different procedures and processes carried out in the hospital in order to improve the quality of performance.