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Laboratory for Clinical Immunology and Molecular Genetics


The Laboratory for Clinical Immunology and Molecular Genetics provides modern and standardised immunological and genetic diagnostics for respiratory and allergic diseases. It conducts tests in the fields of hypersensitivity reactions and immunotherapy, serology, autoimmune antibodies, flow cytometry and genetics. The Laboratory has strong development and research activity.

The established Laboratory Information System (L@bis) allows for greater efficiency and quality of the laboratory process and provides a shorter time from ordering the tests to laboratory results. The Laboratory Information System, in conjunction with the comprehensive Birpis Hospital Information System, allows electronic ordering of laboratory tests and sending of electronic results to clients.

Quality control

For quality assurance, the Laboratory regularly performs internal and external quality controls. The first are managed and analysed by the Laboratory itself, and with external quality control of laboratory test results, the Laboratory is involved in various external quality assessment schemes (SNEQAS, INSTAND, UKNEQAS and CF Network/Belgium).

The Laboratory is licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia to conduct tests in the field of clinical microbiology and medical genetics.

Working hours

The Laboratory is open Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.