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Laboratory diagnostics

The beginnings of laboratory diagnostics in Golnik coincide with the establishment of the Golnik Spa way back in 1921. Naturally, the equipment and working conditions were significantly different than today. Laboratory activity began to radically change and expand in 1955 with the construction of laboratories for the Golnik Pulmonology Hospital, which were the precursors of today's five medical laboratories:

Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology

Cytology and Pathology Laboratory

Laboratory for Clinical Immunology and Molecular Genetics

Laboratory for Mycobacteria

Laboratory for Respiratory Microbiology

State-of-the-art equipment and modern methods

All laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment that enables a rapid and reliable performance of a wide range of tests. Only scientifically proven methods recognised by international or national professional associations and by extended professional boards are being used for sample testing.

Domestic and international activities

Employees also devote a large part of their work to research, publishing and teaching activities. They actively participate in domestic and international professional meetings and congresses and regularly publish their results. Within the professional associations, they actively participate in the preparation of professional recommendations for their work as well as in the professional training of domestic and foreign laboratory experts. The laboratories participate in research work, projects of the Slovenian Research Agency and in international and domestic pharmaceutical research.

Confidence in the reliability of the results

Collaboration with other laboratories in the country and around the world is also part of their research work. In quality assurance, laboratories systematically carry out all activities that lead to the fulfilment of the quality requirements for laboratory tests and to ensure confidence in the reliability of the results.