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Self-funding services

In addition to the public health services, we also provide medical services without referral in various fields, top quality diagnostics and a programme of preventive specialist examinations. Only adults over 18 years of age are treated as self-funding patients. 

Package preventive examinations and individual examinations and specialist examinations are available in the following fields:

  • Pulmonology: diagnosis of cough, shortness of breath, second opinion on diagnoses such as asthma, etc., lung function tests, deep lung imaging (CT), lung cancer diagnostics, occupational lung diseases, rare lung diseases (cystic fibrosis, sarcoidosis, interstitial lung disease), sleep related breathing disorders (diagnosis and treatment);
  • Allergology*: skin prick tests (pollen, house dust, insect bites, food), hives or urticaria, second opinion;

*Drug testing and provocation tests are carried out in hospital wards only via a referral due to the possibility of complications.

  • Cardiology: cardiac ultrasound, 24-hour ECG (Holter), 24-hour blood pressure measurement, stress testing, cervical ultrasound.  

Preventive examinations:

  • Basic - specialist examination, blood and urine tests, ECG, lung x-ray, measurement of lung function, allergy test and tumoral markers;
  • Comprehensive - in addition to the basic, it includes an ultrasound examination of the heart, cervical arteries and abdomen, stress testing and bone density measurement.

We can make you an appointment for a priority self-funding pulmonary allergy examination with a specialist in the Outpatient Pulmonology and Allergology Clinic at the University Clinic Golnik within one week, and for allergy examinations, we have priority time slots available in our Outpatient Pulmonology and Allergology Clinic in Ljubljana as well.

For self-funding patients who do not speak Slovenian, an interpreter is recommended, but for deaf people this is mandatory.

Self-funding services are provided outside the regular office hours of the outpatient clinics. The list of services depends on personnel and space capacities.

For an examination or treatment without a referral


The price of the self-funding service is paid in full by the patient. You can provide us with a brief description of your respiratory health problems and the reason for your referral to a priority examination at breznapotnice@klinika-golnik.si. We will prepare a quote with an indicative price and a pro-forma invoice on the day of the examination.

You will pay for the service after it has been completed and can be paid in cash or by credit card.

The Clinic is also patient-friendly due to the convenience of its accommodation. If you come from far away, we can guarantee a stay near the Clinic. You can book a studio or apartment with Majda Pušavec at majda.pusavec@klinika-golnik.si or +3864 256 91 19.

Price list of the studio and apartments:

Studio, Golnik 112, 19.5 m², apartment no. 5, free Wi-Fi included, TV, EUR 25.00/night

One-bedroom apartment, Golnik 111.33 m², free Wi-Fi included, TV, apartment no. 3, EUR 30.00/night

Two-bedroom apartment, Golnik 59, 49.5 m², free Wi-Fi included, TV, EUR 35,00/night

Cleaning and laundry fee (to be paid for one night stays only) EUR 10.00 

The price includes all costs (electricity, heating, TV fee, trash, water). 

Cleaning fee is already included in the rental price for a multiple-day stay. Interim cleaning not provided. It is the tenant's obligation to return the apartment in the condition it was received (dishes washed, garbage collected).