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For over a decade, it has been noted that every third person has been diagnosed with an allergic disease. Each of us knows at least someone who suffers from an allergy, be it a single person or several close friends or acquaintances. At the University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik, we approach allergic diseases as internists, because we are aware that every allergic process involves an immune system that connects the entire organism in its response to environmental substances. We treat patients in a multidisciplinary manner and work with specialists in other fields.

Allergology and clinical immunology specialists in our Allergology Unit carry out all methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergic and immunological diseases in accordance with currently valid international recommendations. Causal treatment with specific allergen-specific immunotherapy and biological therapy is performed. We try to treat most patients on an outpatient basis or as a part of a day hospital. Allergology and clinical immunology in our clinic are accompanied by vibrant research and teaching activity.

Department 300

Head: Assist. Prof. Peter Kopač, MD, Specialist 

Head nurse: Karmen Perko, RN

Outpatient Pneumology and Allergology Clinic (Golnik)

Head: Tina Jerič, MD, Specialist 

Head nurse: Jana Tršan, RN

Outpatient Pneumology and Allergology Clinic (Ljubljana)

Head: Prof Mitja Košnik, MD, PhD, specialist

Head nurse: Jana Tršan, RN