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Mission and vision

Mission of the University Clinic Golnik

University Clinic Golnik is an institution that leads the field of allergology, clinical immunology and pulmonology in Slovenia, provides premium services in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases and offers comprehensive patient care in a single place. As a top-class clinical, research and teaching institution, it develops the expertise required to perform key activities and implements an innovative and cutting-edge research and teaching programme.


University Clinic Golnik will be the leading institution in the field of pulmonology and allergology in Slovenia and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE region). This will be achieved by:

  • accessibility for referrals of pulmonary, allergic and chest tumour patients from across the country, the CEE region and beyond,
  • state-of-the-art diagnostics and cutting-edge therapy,
  • close professional and research networking with top institutions in the European Union (EU) and in the world,
  • with the best training base in the strategic fields of operation of the Clinic in Slovenia and in the CEE region,
  • by meeting the requirements of internationally recognised models and standards for quality and safe healthcare.

Business philosophy

We are always there for our patients, and concern for the health of citizens is the focal point of our employees. We are rational and provide the best quality patient care with the resources available. At the same time, we maintain a positive financial position by rationalising the processes of medical and nursing care and focusing on the market. We are honest, transparent and fair to paying clients; In addition to the prescribed mechanisms, the evaluation of our own work is also monitored by our own cost analyses. We want to offer our services to the widest possible range of clients. We strive to ensure the good name and strengthen the Clinic brand.