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The Outpatient Cardiology Clinic and the Cardiovascular Functional Diagnostics Department treat patients in need of diagnostics and treatment in the field of cardiovascular disease.

They perform non-invasive diagnostics in the field of cardiovascular diseases (cardiac ultrasound, stress testing, 24-hour blood pressure measurement, Holter ECG, 7-day Holter ECG, stress ultrasound, neck artery ultrasound, lower extremity ultrasound). The work in the Outpatient Clinic is organised in such a way that all the diagnostics are performed and appropriate treatment is advised for the patient as quickly as possible. Patients are also involved in healthcare counselling in the field of heart failure provided by a registered nurse.

These services are also available for self-funding patients with preventative examinations focused on cardiovascular diseases. 

The Outpatient Sports Clinic treats athletes for the purpose of preventive examinations and appropriate treatment or referral to an appropriate specialist.

Outpatient Cardiology and Anticoagulation Clinic

Head: Assist. Prof. Robert Marčun, MD, PhD, Specialist 

Head nurse: Nina Štuhec, RN