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About research

Scientific research work is an integral part of the functioning of clinical institutions at tertiary level. Scientific research increased when the hospital became independent and the first research group and the Research and Development Unit were both formed. Many of the Unit’s projects are submitted to national and international calls for tenders. The majority of the Unit’s work, which is mostly carried out in hospital laboratories and diagnostic units, is basic research. Academic research is carried out by early stage researchers and physicians who are working on their masters' and doctor’s theses. Clinical trials of new drugs are carried out as well. Hospital experts also take part in research in their particular hospital unit. Researchers cooperate with one another and also with different institutions and colleagues both in Slovenia and abroad. Results of their work are published in national and international renowned journals.

Research organisation name:

University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik

RO Code: 1613
Group name: Univerzitetna klinika za pljučne bolezni in alergijo Golnik

Research Department

Prof Mitja Košnik, MD, PhD
Head of Research Department
E: mitja.kosnik@klinika-golnik.si

Vesna Martinc
Study Coordinator
T: +386 4 25 69 557
E: vesna.martinc@klinika-golnik.si

Eva Raztresen
Study Coordinator
T: +386 4 25 69 556
E: eva.raztresen@klinika-golnik.si

Project management office

Gregor Ostanek, B.A.
T: +386 4 25 69 500
E: gregor.ostanek@klinika-golnik.si