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Laboratory for Respiratory Microbiology


The Laboratory for Respiratory Microbiology conducts test mainly for patients treated at the University Clinic Golnik and to a lesser extent also for patients from other institutions in Slovenia. Through the cultivation and identification of bacteria and the detection of antibiotic susceptibility, we examine various cultures, especially samples from the lower respiratory tract, urine and blood samples, in which the possibility of bacteraemia or sepsis is determined. It is important to identify multi-resistant bacteria from control swabs. A small part of the diagnostics of our Laboratory is the detection of yeast and fibrous fungi (mould) in these cultures.

In addition to classical methods, molecular diagnostics (PCR chain reaction) of atypical lower respiratory tract infections, namely Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Chlamydophila pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophila and Bordetella pertussis, is performed. Detection of influenza and other respiratory viruses in upper respiratory tract samples and intestinal pathogens in faecal samples is also an important part of molecular diagnostics. The presence of P. jirovecii is detected in immunocompromised patients with polymerase chain reaction in lower respiratory samples.

The established Laboratory Information System (MBL) allows for greater efficiency and quality of the laboratory process and provides a shorter time from ordering the tests to laboratory results. The Laboratory Information System, in conjunction with the comprehensive Birpis hospital information system, allows electronic ordering of laboratory tests and sending of electronic results to clients. For quality assurance, the Laboratory regularly performs internal and external quality controls. The first are managed and analysed by the Laboratory itself, and with external quality control of laboratory test results, the Laboratory is involved in external quality assessment schemes (UKNEQAS in QCMD), and it regularly receives certificates on quality testing.

In September 2009, the Laboratory obtained a license of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia. In accordance with the Rules on requirements to be met by laboratories performing laboratory medicine tests (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 64/2004, 1/2016), in 2015 the Laboratory was reviewed by the Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia and granted a license for a further five-year period.   

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In December 2017, the Laboratory also obtained accreditation for medical laboratories according to the international standard SIST EN ISO 15189:   Medical laboratories: quality and competence requirements (LM-001 accreditation) with the Slovenian Accreditation.


The Laboratory employs 7 people:

  • 1 Head of Laboratory: Specialist in Clinical Microbiology, Doctor of Science;
  • 1 R&D Associate,
  • 2 Laboratory Medicine Analysts,
  • 1 Laboratory Medicine Engineer,
  • 2 Laboratory Technicians.

Working hours

The Laboratory is open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm, Saturdays from 7am to 11am, Sundays as needed, on holidays, work is on call, and during the seasonal flu, all days of the week from 7am to 7pm (regular and on duty).