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University Clinic Golnik deals with the study, prevention and treatment of lung and respiratory diseases. Because the Clinic is one of the tertiary institutions in the field of pulmonology, we treat patients with the most severe diagnostic and therapeutic problems in the lungs.

The day-to-day interdisciplinary collaboration of the departments presented is the best solution for diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Our Clinic specialists share their knowledge in both domestic and international professional environments.

Department 100

Head: Katarina Osolnik, MD, Specialist

Head nurse: Katja Zupanc, RN

Department 300

Head: Katja Adamič, MD, Specialist

Head nurse: Nataša Grahovec, M.A. in Health Education and Medicine

Department 600

Head: Assist. Irena Šarc, MD; M.Med., Specialist 

Head nurse: Ditka Benedičič Katona, RN

Department 700

Head: Petra Svetina, MD, Specialist 

Head nurse: Maruša Ahačič, M.Sc. Nursing

Pulmonary Function Testing Laboratory

Head: Assoc. Prof. Matjaž Fležar, MD, PhD, Specialist 

Laboratory for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Head: Kristina Ziherl, MD, Specialist

Outpatient Pneumology and Allergology Clinic (Ljubljana)

Head: Prof Mitja Košnik, MD, PhD

Head nurse: Jana Tršan, RN

Outpatient Pneumology and Allergology Clinic (Golnik)

Head: Tina Jerič, MD, Specialist

Head nurse: Jana Tršan, RN