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Professional services

The work carried out in wards, other clinical units and laboratories is strongly supported by different professional services. The Pharmacy is in charge of purchasing medicines and medical technical equipment and optimises expenses for medicines. Having knowledge of clinical pharmacology, the staff are also able to offer advice on pharmacologic treatment of patients.

The national Register of Tuberculosis follows trends in tuberculosis. The incidence of tuberculosis in Slovenia dropped below 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2000. Consequently, based on the criteria of WHO, Slovenia has become a country with a low incidence of tuberculosis. Based on this universal BCG vaccination of newborns has been discontinued since 2005.

Social Services offer counselling and organisational help in solving patients’ social and family problems.

New technology has allowed the previously separated units to combine into one Central Administration Unit. The advantage of this type of administration is its complete digitalisation and collection of medical reports and test results in one place.

The Cleaning and Courier Service is one organisational unit. The cleaning service keeps the hospital clean and hygienic, and the courier service transports patients between wards and diagnostic units, different samples from wards to laboratories, and documents between wards and the archive.

Hospital Hygiene Unit cleans, disinfects and sterilises instruments and sanitary materials. The occupational hygienist is in charge of prevention and control of hospital infections, hand disinfection with disinfectant solutions, vaccination of employees etc.

The hospital Library supplies medical staff and patients with scientific literature, popular science and fiction. It supports clinical, educational, research and developmental orientation of the hospital. It is the centre for collating information on pneumology and allergology.