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V3-1720 Project

Analysis and estimation of requirements of human resources for cancer treatment in Slovenia

Code: V3-1720
Period 1.4.2018 - 31.03.2020
Head: Zakotnik Branko (Institute of Oncology Ljubljana)
University Clinic Golnik researcher: PhD Marc Malovrh Mateja, MD
Research activity: Medical sciences/Oncology

According to epidemiological indicators, cancer is a major public health burden in Slovenia, as it is the leading cause of death among men and number two among women. Furthermore, global indicators show that cancer is a modern-day epidemic.

The burden of cancer can only be systematically reduced in the long term if cancer is comprehensively controlled. For this purpose, the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) was established in 2010, which set goals to be achieved by 2015. The new document, the NCCP 2017-2021, which was drafted in 2016 in cooperation with numerous stakeholders was adopted by the Slovene government in April 2017.

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer are complex processes requiring the collaboration of numerous healthcare activities. Modern cancer treatment requires oncology-oriented specialist surgeons, radiologists, and medical oncologists, who provide a multi-disciplinary approach. This multi-disciplinary process also includes psycho-oncology, pharmacy, dietetics, rehabilitation, and nursing. Human resources are the key of a successful cancer care programme, therefore one of the horizontal objectives of the NCCP 2017-2021 was the analysis and projection of needs for adequate treatment of cancer patients, taking into account the changing epidemiological situation and the upcoming of new technologies.

The aims of the research project are:

Analysis of human resources (medical doctors, pharmacists, nursing and other health personnel) involved in cancer treatment in 2017.

A projection of needs of human resources – health personnel for the period 2018-2021 taking into account incidence trends and evidence based treatments.

Research organisations: